New Mexico Highlands University Seed Award

The Acquisition of Hydrology and Water Quality Equipment for Undergraduate Research and Training at New Mexico Highlands University

Lead Investigator: Dr. Craig Conley
Co-Investigators: Dr. Edward Martinez & Dr. Sara Brown

Project Summary

This proposal is for the acquisition of various types of equipment for conducting hydrology and water quality research and training activities at New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) and the Wind River Ranch (WRR) in Watrous, NM. The equipment will be used to conduct hypothesis-driven baseline studies determining the effects land use and restoration activities have on the hydrology and water quality of the Mora River. Studies will be conducted by NMHU faculty and their undergraduate students through course projects and independent research activities. The use of the requested instrumentation will not only provide the faculty and students of NMHU instrumentation that does not exist at the university but will also allow these researchers to conduct sound science. The research using these instruments will address three integrated areas of inquiry that include broadening our understanding of: 1) the distribution, fate, and impact of aquatic pollutants; 2) the mechanisms behind, and impacts of juniper encroachment on hydrologic system sin western grasslands and woodlands; and 3) the effects of management and restoration on water budgets in ecological transition zones in dryland systems.

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