Dr. Marty D. Frisbee
Climate and Hydrology Research
New Mexico Tech

Dr. Marty D. Frisbee is a postdoctoral researcher in watershed
hydrology at New Mexico Tech working with Dr. John L. Wilson. Marty
is also a graduate of New Mexico Tech where he received a Ph.D. in
Hydrology in 2010. He has expertise in watershed hydrology,
especially in investigating process behavior at the large watershed
scale and across nested scales in large watersheds. He is currently
assisting in the development of fully coupled, fully 3D hydrogeologic
models for three large watersheds in northern New Mexico. These
models will be used to test hypotheses on the processes controlling
streamflow generation and residence times in large watersheds and how
these processes are related to scale. More importantly, these models
will be used to understand how process behavior in large watersheds
will likely respond to the impacts of climate and other anthropogenic
change. His other research interests include (i) the development of
geochemical models to understand the role of groundwater on solute
release from watersheds and (ii) the role of groundwater in the
long-term geomorphological evolution of watersheds and feedbacks to
the structure of stream ecosystems.

mfrisbee [at] alumni [dot] nmt [dot] edu