State Committee Meeting Materials May 2009
  1. State Committee Meeting May 09 packet. This is a pdf file of all materials distributed at the meeting. Notes below address materials that were not in the packet, or that underwent changes for the final presentation.
  2. Agenda. Pdf file.
  3. EPSCoR RII 3 Broader Impact Areas. This is a pdf file of a Power Point slide illustrating the important role played by NSFs “Broader Impact” criterion. (Not included in packet)
  4. EPSCoR RII 3 Project Update and Program News and Activities. This is a pdf file of the Power Point presentation given by William Michener and Katherine Mitchell. (Version has some changes from the one included in the packet)
  5. Office of Science and Technology 2010 Policy and Budget. This is a pdf of the Obama Administration science policy and budget priorities.
  6. New Mexico Science and Technology Plan Update. This is a pdf of the Power Point presentation given by Tom Bowles, Governor Science Advisor. (Not included in the packet).
  7. NSF Emerging Issues. This is a pdf of the NSF FY 2009 and FY 2010 budget information that William Michener presented. (Not included in the packet).
  8. Notice of Appointment of new Secretary of Education. This is a pdf of the announcement from the Governor’s office. (Not included in the packet).
  9. Newsletter from new Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Peter White. This is a pdf of the May 26, 2009 newsletter from Secretary White with education policy overview. (Not included in the packet).
  10. “Toolbox Revisited” paper. This is a psf of the paper cited by Secretary of Higher Education White. (Not included in the packet).
  11. Poster: New Mexico Research Landscape. This is a pdf of an updated version of the poster.
  12. Poster: Climate Change Impacts on New Mexico’s Mountain Sources of Water. This is a pdf of the new EPSCoR RII 3 poster. (Not included in the packet).
  13. Link to State of New Mexico's Science and Technology Plan