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To make important advances in our ability to observe and simulate mountain hydrological processes and their susceptibility to climate change, NM EPSCoR is enhancing New Mexico's cyberinfrastructure (CI). The term “cyberinfrastructure” refers to environments that connect data, computers and people to further research and innovation to benefit science, society, and industry. Cyberinfrastructure consists of computing systems, data storage systems, advanced instruments and data repositories, visualization environments, and people, all linked together by software and high performance networks to improve research and business productivity and enable breakthroughs not otherwise possible.

Researchers at UNM's Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) are developing a structure for the management and sharing of data generated by other components of the EPSCoR project. When complete, the EPSCoR data portal will allow public access to NM water-related data that can be used for additional research, education, and policy-related activities. In addition, EDAC is collaborating with Nevada and Idaho EPSCoR projects through our Tri-State Western Consortium to leverage and expand regional CI capacity and expertise in support of climate change research. NM EPSCoR's most recent award, the C2 grant, is focused on further enhancing the state's cyberinfrastructure by improving broadband connectivity for tribal and regional colleges in New Mexico. All of NM EPSCoR's CI efforts leverage and link to the NM Computing Applications Center and the state's High Performance Computing capacity associated with Encanto, NM's supercomputer, and its Gateways.

NM EPSCoR Cyberinfrastructure Participants: