Socioeconomics and System Dynamics

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The impact of climate change on water resources will be determined, in part, by human activity and human response to changes in water availability. One research area being pursued by NM EPSCoR focuses on how NM consumers may respond if the price of water increases as water becomes less available as a result of climate changes.

Researchers from UNM are collaborating with Sandia National Laboratories researchers to expand the System Dynamics (SD) economic-behavioral-physical model to include residential demand models for Albuquerque, as well as a population model tied to both natural growth and economic growth. Scenarios are being developed which demonstrate some of the trade-offs between resource use and economic development. In addition, preliminary analysis of developing socio-economic components for a similar dynamic simulation model for an Acequia will be conducted. This includes relevant background research, as well as collaboration with other EPSCOR researchers to develop appropriate behavioral components. This expansion of the System Dynamics model will provide one of the most extensive interactive models of a watershed system with equal attention to the physical and behavioral worlds.

NM EPSCoR System Dynamics Participants:

Socioeconomic Model