Mission & Vision

The NM EPSCoR program gathers resources and expertise from academic institutions, our national labs, private industry, and state and federal sources to benefit education, the environment, and the New Mexico economy. NM EPSCoR focuses on assuring that New Mexicans gain access to superior education, state-of-the-art research, and the quality of life and employment that comes with an active and competitive science and technology base.

Connectivity Map

The overarching vision for the new RII Phase 3 NM EPSCoR Program is:

“To enable an environment in which New Mexico scientists and educators are fully competitive in climate change research and education.”

NM EPSCoR RII3 is designed to enhance research competitiveness through investment in three strategic areas: critical Research Infrastructure, Cyberinfrastructure, and Human Infrastructure. These investments will help establish NM as a laboratory for climate change research, and as a model for science-based public policy. The multi-disciplinary, multi-scale effort is envisioned to transform climate change science and policymaking in NM by providing the tools required for quantitative, science-driven discussion of difficult water policy options facing the State in the 21st Century.

The above goals are articulated in the NM EPSCoR mission:

“To provide the critical gap infrastructure, computational support, and education and outreach opportunities that foster excellence in climate change research and education.”