Track 1 RII-4 Planning

Please view the full Planning Meetings for the New Mexico NSF EPSCoR Track 1 Proposal (PDF).

RII4 Science Meeting

New Mexico EPSCoR is now beginning the planning process for its next proposal that will focus on the nexus of energy-­‐water-­‐environment. New Mexico’s EPSCoR State Committee chose this focus area since it is central to science, education and economic development in the state and because it is one of the five priority areas in New Mexico’s Science and Technology Plan—a key requirement of NSF EPSCoR.

The Proposal Development Process

View the proposal timeline (draft) in PDF form: Track 1 Milestones

Objectives of the three meetings are to provide guidance to the New Mexico EPSCoR Office about the research, education, and outreach activities that would be encompassed within a competitive NSF-­‐EPSCoR proposal. Following the three workshops, a Proposal Steering Committee will be created that includes diverse RII4 Science Meeting representation from New Mexico’s universities and colleges and that includes experts from the science, cyberinfrastructure, and education and outreach foci. The Proposal Steering Committee will contribute to proposal development that will occur through October 2012. It is anticipated that several small workshops will be held throughout 2012 that focus on developing specific portions of the proposal. Two external review teams will evaluate the developing New Mexico EPSCoR proposal and assist in specifying what is included in the final proposal that is sent to the National Science Foundation by the New Mexico EPSCoR Project Director. Presently, we anticipate that proposals will be submitted in November 2012.

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