For Student Researchers

If you have signed up to participate in the poster session at the 3rd Annual Tri-State Western Consortium Meeting, please take a look at the links provided below.

   Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation                     2013 Poster Session Rules & Judging Criteria


EDAC will host software development projects for the Western Tri-State Consortium, including a software versioning system. Subversion is an open source version control system. Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac provides an interface to Subversion.

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Metadata Best Practices

The downloads below provide an outline of the best practices for collecting and cataloging metadata and data sets, as well as two blank metadata forms.

For researchers wanting to initiate the metadata generation process for their EPSCoR related data please contact Mike Camponovo or Su Zhang.



Researching the Impacts of Climate Change Around the World, NSF Research Report 2009
Link to State of New Mexico's Science and Technology Plan
Sustainable water deliveries from the Colorado River in a changing climate
Barnett and Pierce, Preceding National Academy of Science, Early Edition, April 2009.
An Overview of Potential Economic Costs to New Mexico of a Business-As-Usual Approach to Climate Change
A Report from The Program on Climate Economics, Climate Leadership Initiative, Institute for a Sustainable Environment
University of Oregon, February 2009.
Beaver As a Climate Change Adaptation Tool: Concepts and Priority Sites in New Mexico
Cathryn Wild, Science and Stewardship Director at the Seventh Generation Institute.

NM EPSCoR Scientists

Modulation of river flow by irrigation system surface water-ground water interactions.
Proceedings of the USDA CREES National Water Conference
St. Louis, MO, February 8-12, 2009
Mountain Snow Equals River Flow
NMSU Research & Resources, 2009
Water: A most valuable commodity
Las Cruces Magazine, Spring 2009
NMSU Researchers Tracking Water Supply
Las Cruces Sun New, Jan 26, 20099
Production of vegetation spatial-strucute maps by per-object analysis of Juniper Encroachment in multi-temporal aerial photographs, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol 34, Supplement S2, 2008
La cultura de la aequia. Agua, tierra y comunidad en el suroeste de les estados unidos de amer
Dr. José A. Rivera, UNM EPSCoR scientist. His research on acequia systems was published in North America in a book in Spanish through the University of Valencia Press, Spain.
Assessing the Near-Term Risk of Climate Uncertainty
Vince Tidwell, Sandia National Laboratories and NM EPSCoR. The report has been recently featured on the blog Climate Progress, and the magazine Science Progress.
Response of heterotrophic stream biofilm communities to a gradient of resources
D. J. Van Horn1,*, R. L. Sinsabaugh1, C. D. Takacs
Linkages Between Riparian Characteristics, Ungulate Grazing, and Geomorphology and Nutrient Cycling in Montane Grassland Streams.
David Van Horn, Edward A. Martinez, Robert R. Parmenter, and Clifford Dahm; Carleton White, Christina Hernandez, Joshua P. Merrill
Rangeland Ecology & Management, September 2012
Residence time distributions in sinuosity-driven hyporheic zones and their biogeochemical effects
Jesus D. Gomez, John L. Wilson, and M. Bayani Cardenas
Water Resources Research, Vol. 48, September 20, 2012
Modeling Sustainability of Water, Environment, Livelihood, and Culture in Traditional Irrigation Communities and Their Linked Watersheds
Alexander Fernald, Vincent Tidwell, José Rivera, Sylvia Rodríguez, Steven Guldan, Caitriana Steele, Carlos Ochoa, Brian Hurd, Marquita Ortiz, Kenneth Boykin and Andres Cibils
Sustainability, November 9, 2012


Sample Diversity Plans

Two plans recently developed in New Mexico provide approaches that other public institutions in New Mexico can consider when developing their own plans.

Office of Equity & Inclusion
Diversity Plan
Faculty Search Committee Procedures Handbook

Effective Strategies to diversify STEM Faculty
Presentation Guide to Diversity

The following diversity plans from institutions outside of New Mexico have been identified as exemplary and provide additional information that can be useful for NM institutions of higher education.


Diversity Publications

   Staying Competitive: Patching America’s Leaky Pipeline in the Sciences
   Marc Goulden, Ph.D., Karie Frasch, Ph.D., and Mary Ann Mason, J.D., Ph.D.
   The University of California, Berkeley
   Berkeley Center on Health, Economic, & Family Security and
   The Center for American Progress
   November 2009

   Title IX Includes Maternal Discrimination
   By Mary Ann Mason
   Chronicle of Higher Education November 19, 2009

   Western Consortium Tri-State Diversity Plan
    Latest draft, April 2011

For more information on NM EPSCoR's diversity efforts, visit our Diversity Page.